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Joules Evans is a writer, photographer, road-trippin, roadrunner, cancer activist/advocate, adventure seeking, tilting at windmills, #girlpower kinda girl. Learn more about Joules Evans.

Cancer Memoir

Shaken Not Stirred… A Chemo Cocktail is the cancer chapter of Joules’s story, a postcard from the other side of breast cancer and chemo. Read praise and buy the book here.


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Sending Love & #goodjoujou To Olivia Newton John and Flipping Off Cancer

June 4, 2017

I have my quarterly oncology check up coming up next week. THIS. is just another reason why, once the #pinkmonkey has jumped on your back, the damn pink monkey is always on your back. Always. Practically everybody knows the stats that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast … Read more

Dear Universe

February 7, 2017

Last week I threw down my epic DONE list. This is most def a practice I wanna keep on keeping on at the end/beginning of a year. Not a report card from each year’s resolution throw down, but just a moment of reflection and celebration, making much ado about crossed off things. To start … Read more

Check(ed) 1-2-3…

February 2, 2017

This is not a test. This is not about a cute little penguin eating an ice cream cone either. Although since his name is Frank, I’ll follow suit…cuz let’s be frank… If it were a test, I gimme an A. (I thought about giving myself an A+ but that would … Read more


January 3, 2017

#GoodJouJou (Ode to 2017) A haiku. A word. My #mantra. Lit a candle Made a wish. Didn’t Blow out the candle- Watched it burn bright in the night- The flickering flame Of the night, a year. Final bow. A prayer; blew A kiss. One. God be With us. Another Kiss. … Read more

The Blizzard of ’78

December 14, 2016

Yesterday it snowed and somebody posted this picture of the Blizzard of ’78 and I was like, “Seems like yesterday cuz I remember the Blizzard of ’78.” Except there wasn’t that much snow yesterday. I was in 6th grade during the Blizzard of ’78. We had a whole week of … Read more