FreeWRITE (c’mon and take a freeWRITE)

So last night it was my turn to teach the writing lesson at Word Bums, my amazing writer’s group that meets once a month (1st Wednesdays) at Book Bums coffee shop. It’s like Cheers, but with coffee. But last night I brought champagne, since it was the eve of Independence Day, not to mention, time to play words with friends—in person! But I digress…and it’s only the first paragraph in.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun talking about “The Write Zone” which Mikeyy suggested I entitle it: The TwiWRITE Zone… but unfortunately he told me as I was practically running out the door, already late to my very important date… and I didn’t have time to download the song (Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do) to set the mood. It was all for the best. In retrospect, do-do-do-do is pretty much the antonym of my lesson. So whew. Having my own time zone works itself out sometimes.

Speaking of time zones, that’s a pretty magical segue back to our original rabbit trail of the writing zone. First we brainstormed a bit about some of the ways we crazy rabbits enter the write zone.

Besides the obvious “butt in chair” answer that everybody was practically falling out of their chairs to say first, here are some of the ways we encourage the ink, blood, words to flow: butt in chair, music, wine, coffee, peace and quiet, writing space, nature, chunk of time, spur of the moment, blinkingcursor, blank page, egg timer, munchies, need, deadline, free association, research.

My summer writing space out on the back deck of the Evanshire

One of the keys to the zone that we talked about, wrote about last night, was, IS: Being Present. It’s not just a yoga thing. But I have been trying to figure out how to bring my yoga to my writing, and life. I loved this quote from Usher on The Voice this season: “We’rehumans being, not just doing.”

But just being is harder than it looks. There’s an art to it. Which is the fun part for wordies like us. Once our butt’s in the chair, surely that blinking cursor is…making us get sleepy, haha.  But seriously, I like to think of it as a thing ofenchantment. Like a flash going off and capturing snapshots. Right here, rightnow. Which is always a good place to be, and to begin.

Now… I know it was the eve of Independence Day and everything… but we did talk about one wee tiny bit of a rule… of which to be mindful… in the spirit of being present: write what we know. (Something to thinkabout: in the word “know” the k is silent and what we are left with is NOW. Hmm…;) So the first thing we had to consider, was where we were, right now, I mean, then and there?

Where WE were, last night, was on the eve of 4th of July. So that’s where we began, what we started with. And because the 4th means freedom, and in the spirit of Independence, we had 3 prompts to choose from. Everyone was FREE to choose one, or to go all 3 Musketeers on us and do that “all for one and all for one” thing.

Here are the 3 prompts:

  1. 1)  Freedom is…
  2. 2)   A fave 4th of July memory
  3. 3)   Something red, white, blue (it’s ok, encouraged to be colorblind by not limiting yourself merely to the colors of objects…for example, Mikeyy said he’d write about an angry Caucasian Jazz player, or Lucy inthe Sky with Diamonds;)

In a follow-up post, I’ll share what I wrote about. But meanwhile, as it is NOW, and in the spirit of, Independence Day, not to mention, it is raining outside, I thought a FREEwrite sounded like a pretty groovy indoor activity. *Champagne not included but encouraged.

Cheers, love, namaste, and happy 4th everybody!

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