10,227 Days of Amanda

Scene from… wasn’t it yesterday? When Amanda Michele Freaking Evans said, “Once upon a freaking time-ME!”

Once upon a time, 28 years ago TODAY at 10:24 am, THIS. sweet little bean popped her little redhead out, looked around and around, most likely wondering where the party was, cuz she was an ENFP from day 1. And thus began the party that we call life but I call my sweet Amanda Panda Bear. I didn’t even count her fingers or toes when I caught first glimpse when nurse Holly handed her to me: She’s perfect. And it was true. I still don’t know how many fingers in toes she has but it just doesn’t even matter. She is, always has been, and always will be the bundle of JOY and adventure she was at first breath, and never ceases to take my breath away like it did that day. Still wrapped around that tiny little finger. Cheers and happy birthday to my sweet Amanda, always one of my three reasons, the one who broke this young Mama Mia in, the one who showed M&M the ropes and pretty much narrated their lives till they realized they didn’t “hafta obey manda”. What a trip these past 10,227 days have been with you in my life #rorytomylorelai. I just want to say how fun every stage of you has been. Even the emo raccoon eyes years. But this. The shift that has happened since you became a mama too, the precious friendship we get to share, is the funnest adventure yet. Happy birthday, baby, baby! Mai Mai loves you!

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