March Marchness

My writers group & I are doing a 31-day haiku-a-day challenge for the month of March. We’re calling it “March Marchness”. Said merry band of poets will make much ado about the best haikus by publishing a spring haiku fling edition anthology. Because the world needs more poetry. Haiku very much.

Meanwhile, I’ll be dropping mine here. If you feel like you wanna play along, haiku me in the comments. And if you use #marchmarchness, we will be choosing a few to include, even if you’re not in the band.

Haiku Challenge. Day 1.

More Alice

Rabbit rabbit–Time
To chase the white rabbit–Time
To eat cake–springtime.

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One comment

  1. Susan Marangoni says:

    Since Heiku starts now
    I will be one day shorter
    Write one a day March #marchmarchness

    And to catch up

    Equinox is soon
    Days get longer and lighter
    Spring round the corner #marchmarchness

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