Waning Crescent

[Interestingly, after I penned, or rather chalked, this haiku for Day 2 of March Marchness, I dreamed of eating a cheese pizza with pepperoni & sausage. Although I didn’t just eat a crescent mooned shape piece. Guess my subconscious was on overdrive, putting in overtime, stressing out over my recent cholesterol issues, cuz I woke up with the inside of my cheeks a little raw from clenching them in my teeth, even though I have a mouth-guard that’s supposed to protect them from me working out my stress in my sleep. Stranger than fiction. But I figure that dream can be spun two ways: pizza heaven or hell. All I know is a waning crescent moon slice of pizza sure sounds good to me. So I’m gonna work overtime on that spin.] 

Waning Crescent

I feel you moon. Me
Too. The shadow grows. Glow on
Like the shadow dreams.

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