About Joules Evans

Joules Evans
Photo Courtesy of SCAR Project Photographer David Jay

Besides being occasionally radioactive with a chance of superpowers…which she uses to fight cancer, and also to write…here’s a few random facts about Joules Evans: At press date aka August 20, 2016 Joules celebrated her #crazy8 cancerversary. She affectionately refers to this year as her #yearoftheoctopus. That’s right. Sorry if that’s a spoiler alert to her cancer memoir: SHAKEN NOT STIRRED…A CHEMO COCKTAIL. Our superHERO lives. And yes, she celebrates the day that she heard the C-word. And pretty much every other day. And anything and everything else she can get her hands on to spin and make a party out of. She loves her hubcap, her sweet Redheads, HER BRAND NEW GRANDSON TARAN THE #WONDERBABY, writing, red wine, black coffee, good books, running, yoga, cooking (especially sautéing garlic and onions), the smells of her hubcap’s pipe and freshly cut grass, star-gazing (clouds and sunsets too), peanut butter and chocolate, long walks, long talks, playing Scrabble, live theatre, art, music, cheerleading her friends’ art, and art in her community, popcorn and a movie, being barefoot in the sand and waves, traveling, road-tripping, mix-tapes, clowning around and making people smile, and following her Redheads chasing after their dreams…. She doesn’t like anything besmirching her peanut butter.

Besides being a full-time superhero, Joules Evans is a writer, a runner girl, a cancer activist, a fierce cheerleader of her friends and their creative endeavors, a girl with a severe case of wanderlust and a big sense of wonder, an adventurer, a road-tripper, one who tilts at windmills, a travel writer, a photographer, a You Tube Vlogger, a seeker, a girl on a mission to leave a beauty mark that she was here.

Joules and the hubcap aka Mr. Joules are enjoying their new adventures being 50-something, empty nesters, and are digging their new best nest, a funky little shack called The Love Shack, which they recently downsized into. AND THEY ARE HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH BEING TARAN THE #WONDERBABY’S GIGI AND GRAMPA.

Her cancer memoir, SHAKEN NOT STIRRED… A CHEMO COCKTAIL is available for purchase on Amazon & Kindle.

Joules is currently working on a sequel, of sorts. NOT a Shaken: Volume II. Definitely not a: Stirred Not Shaken…another round, bartender. Hell no. And God-willing, she won’t ever have to write that kinda sequel. The new WIP is more of a Life: Take 2. Life after cancer has been one helluva ride with the proverbial cancer monkey always on her back. He’s a tricky one to shake. She decided early in her cancer journey that she wasn’t going to let him keep her from enjoying the ride. So she buckled him in, put the pedal to the metal, and her hands in the air. This is that story. It’s about life and death and bucket lists and living sincerely and not waiting till you find out you are dying to really live. It’s about a bucket list Route 66 road trip she took last summer. Her travel memoir will be called WHY DID THE TURTLE CROSS THE ROAD?

Joules Evans is also assistant director for the Grace project and a consultant for The SCAR Project.