Don’t apologize
For shining too bright — we all
Have sunglasses.

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International Women’s Day

March Marchness. Haiku challenge. Day 8.

International Women’s Day
Girls weekend away…
Ladychurch in the desert
An Oasis. Spring.

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What Mercury Doesn’t Know

March Madness. Day 5. Haiku challenge. Humble nod to my friend Amy Ferris for inspiring me & this by going all retrograde right back on Mercury every damn time. #WCW

What Mercury Doesn’t Know

Mercury may be
In retrograde but me too
Bringing #goodjoujou.

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Waning Crescent

[Interestingly, after I penned, or rather chalked, this haiku for Day 2 of March Marchness, I dreamed of eating a cheese pizza with pepperoni & sausage. Although I didn’t just eat a crescent mooned shape piece. Guess my subconscious was on overdrive, putting in overtime, stressing out over my recent cholesterol issues, cuz I woke up with the inside of my cheeks a little raw from clenching them in my teeth, even though I have a mouth-guard that’s supposed to protect them from me working out my stress in my sleep. Stranger than fiction. But I figure that dream can be spun two ways: pizza heaven or hell. All I know is a waning crescent moon slice of pizza sure sounds good to me. So I’m gonna work overtime on that spin.] 

Waning Crescent

I feel you moon. Me
Too. The shadow grows. Glow on
Like the shadow dreams.

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March Marchness

My writers group & I are doing a 31-day haiku-a-day challenge for the month of March. We’re calling it “March Marchness”. Said merry band of poets will make much ado about the best haikus by publishing a spring haiku fling edition anthology. Because the world needs more poetry. Haiku very much.

Meanwhile, I’ll be dropping mine here. If you feel like you wanna play along, haiku me in the comments. And if you use #marchmarchness, we will be choosing a few to include, even if you’re not in the band.

Haiku Challenge. Day 1.

More Alice

Rabbit rabbit–Time
To chase the white rabbit–Time
To eat cake–springtime.

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10,227 Days of Amanda

Scene from… wasn’t it yesterday? When Amanda Michele Freaking Evans said, “Once upon a freaking time-ME!”

Once upon a time, 28 years ago TODAY at 10:24 am, THIS. sweet little bean popped her little redhead out, looked around and around, most likely wondering where the party was, cuz she was an ENFP from day 1. And thus began the party that we call life but I call my sweet Amanda Panda Bear. I didn’t even count her fingers or toes when I caught first glimpse when nurse Holly handed her to me: She’s perfect. And it was true. I still don’t know how many fingers in toes she has but it just doesn’t even matter. She is, always has been, and always will be the bundle of JOY and adventure she was at first breath, and never ceases to take my breath away like it did that day. Still wrapped around that tiny little finger. Cheers and happy birthday to my sweet Amanda, always one of my three reasons, the one who broke this young Mama Mia in, the one who showed M&M the ropes and pretty much narrated their lives till they realized they didn’t “hafta obey manda”. What a trip these past 10,227 days have been with you in my life #rorytomylorelai. I just want to say how fun every stage of you has been. Even the emo raccoon eyes years. But this. The shift that has happened since you became a mama too, the precious friendship we get to share, is the funnest adventure yet. Happy birthday, baby, baby! Mai Mai loves you!

One. Year. Ago. Today.

That time the hubcap & i were in Maui celebrating our 30th anniversary and we awoke on our last morning to THIS emergency alert (read bottom to top) on our phones:

The false alarm aka “OOPS” text didn’t come for 38 minutes. What did I do during that 38 minutes? I called my kids to tell them what was going on, to hear their voices, and to tell them i love them, just in case. And we banded with other travelers who like us had no idea even where to seek shelter. We turned on CNN. We searched Twitter. Somebody was Googling about the alert system and found out that from the alert the estimate is 12-13 minutes before impact. There was a 7 year old girl crying her eyeballs out that I will never be able to erase from my memory not would I want to. I will carry her with me and lift her up the rest of my days. I can’t imagine what she is going through trying to process cuz I know what I’m going through trying to process.

I made this video right after we got the second text. I was still shaking in my boots. Also I may have peed a little. After I finished the video and that #bigwave beer, we packed up, I stopped by the pool and gave the rest of our beers to some peeps sitting in the hot tub and said, “It was a good day not to die with you,” & they gave me one of the best standing O’s I’ve ever received as I dropped that mic & “left the building”. Then we headed to the airport. We swapped war stories with fellow shocked and awed travelers about what are the odds we would be in Hawaii when this happened and I won pretty much hands down, which basically meant that everybody kinda blamed me a little and told me to let them know when and where I’m going at all times so they can avoid any further scary shit like that going down ever again. I remember Dan Rather posting on his Twitter that he felt like Hawaii oughta buy us all at least a drink on the house… but I don’t think Hawaii got the memo cuz I didn’t get a free drink.

So I just wanted to put it out there to #Maui #hawaii the universe that I’m still open to Hawaii making this right. I wouldn’t mind one bit if they wanted to fly me back to buy me that drink. Just please not in hurricane season cuz the odds are not always with me, as being one of the 1 in 8 and getting breast cancer not to mention being in Hawaii one year ago today.