Shaken Not Stirred… A Chemo Cocktail


 A message to you from Joules Evans, the author:

“Shaken Not Stirred… A Chemo Cocktail is the cancer chapter in my story. It’s a series of postcards from the other side of breast cancer and chemo. Been there, done that, had to buy a new T-shirt.

When the glass is half full, being optimistic is pretty much a 50/50 chance. But when I was staring at two empty cups in the mirror? Yikes! If that’s not life handing out “lemons” then I don’t know what is. And I know, everybody always says to “make lemonade” when you get a twist of your fate like that… but I guess I’m more of a lemontini kind of girl. Ha! The lemonade never sees the vodka coming. Now that’s a twist I can dance.

Shaken Not Stirred… A Chemo Cocktail is one part hope, a dash of bitter, a splash of sweet, with a twist of humor, and served on the rocks. It’s a comedy about my tragedy. Yeah, I know cancer isn’t funny. It sucks. But, I believe laughter heals. So hold still while I tickle your funny bone.”

Praise for Shaken Not Stirred:

 Witty, powerful, inspiring. As a mother of a daughter with cancer this book really hit home. Doesn’t matter what type of cancer you have, we are all in this together and can relate. This book had me laughing and crying. Joules is an amazing and inspiring person and this reflects in her writing. This book is definitely a MUST READ!

Magnificent Maya’s Mom

Joyful and Honest in Spirit, Deepening the Soul. Absolutely brilliant. Only through the rear-view can we understand what good can come from suffering. And for Joules Evans not only did she kick cancer’s butt, but she didn’t let it have the last word either. Her book is the simple story of a wife and mother doing something really not-so-extraordinary in an extraordinary way. She opens up the nitty-gritty of her life to show the reader the real struggle that comes with the “C” word. She gives a face to the countless whose story of recovery never gets told, and a voice to those who weren’t so lucky to have one. It grips the heart. A must read for anyone hoping to understand that the road through pain is paved by the vitality of the human spirit, and that joy and love truly are the only medicines that can overcome death. This wonderful book leaves you smiling, feeling as if you caught a glimpse into the soul, knowing that your experience of life will be deeper and clearer because of it.

Andrew W Gauggel

This is my first review of ANYTHING. As a breast cancer survivor, I looked forward to reading about another’s experience. I love a new read, so I figured I’d give this a shot.

Man, I was NOT disappointed. Joules, your writing is spot ON. I totally recognize myself in your story. I feel understood, and comforted. I’ve been inspired. You help me to laugh and cry, and feel ALIVE. Joules, seriously…you ROCK!!

Sara B

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