August 20, 2012 was my 4-year cancerversary, and to celebrate that miraculous milestone, while simultaneously kicking off the countdown to my fab 5-year cancerversary/not-a-chemo-cocktail-party BASH, same bat time next year, I started this video blog of a year of living sincerely. It’s in honor of my beautiful friend Vanessa and her Check it out to learn more about V, her excellent adventure of living sincerely—despite having had to literally fight for her life against stage 4 breast cancer mets to her brain. Damn cancer. I hate it. But I love V, and so will you. Come be inspired with me. I dare ya to take the plunge and take the live sincerely pledge. Cheers, love, and here’s to living sincerely, y’all!

Where the streets have no name

A Yeaer of Living Sincerely. Episode 267. Last summer I got to check off one of my fave bucket list item TWICE. Catching a sunset at Joshua Tree National Park while breaking bread and sipping wine and listening to U2’s Joshua Tree album. A pretty epic conclusion to an equally epic road trip with my friend Isis Charise, photographer of The Grace Project. As we have just returned from another Grace Project roadtrip—this time of the Midwest—I thought it was time for another Joshua Tree moment. This one’s for Isis. Check out the Grace Project at Follow our #postcardsfromthegraceprojectontheroad adventures as we chase more sunsets, a little Tequila, and Isis’s goal to photograph 800 breast cancer survivors across the country. Why 800? Because that is how many women are diagnosed #everydamnday. And also cuz #fuckcancer.

Amy Ferris Whee!

A year of living sincerely. Episode 266. Kisha the Cancer Chick Hendrix throws down an Amy Ferris’s post coffee pre wine pep talk like nobody’s biz. via YouTube Capture