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The New Phone Books Are Here!

[You know that scene in The Jerk where Steve Martin gets stoked over “The new phonebooks are here!” A similar scene went down here today, when I realized that Shaken has 100 reviews on Amazon! This is so very timely not to mention encouragingAF as my sweet Amanda (the best personal assistant EVER) & I put the noses to the grindstone to take the old red pencil and mark up the recording for the Audible version.]

So damn grateful for the kindness of reviews. It seems like a little thing, but to all of us who put our works out in the world, it is actually all the things & a bag of chips with a cherry on top. Not counting Amazon sales (which is the only thing Amazon counts… They don’t count the 1k+ books I’ve bought (from them) and sold from the trunk of my car on my travels around the country, solo or with The Grace Project.) I have personally looked into the eyes and put over 1000 books in people’s hands. True, I’ve only sold about half those. The others I have used as thank you cards to my gracious hosts in my travels around the country/world; I have donated to many friends of friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I couldn’t bring myself to charge them on top of what they are going through; I’ve sold them at my book release parties and other book events like the #Milford Readers & Writers festival, my library’s local author book fair, and other events and appearance, or foundations have asked me to donate books to their fundraisers and I always do. –My point is not to Pat myself on the damn back or anything here. Patting yourself on the back never feels quite as sweet as somebody else patting you on the back. My point in opening my vein here, is cuz I don’t know how else to properly express the depth of gratitude I’m feeling to hit the milestone of 100 reviews. Last week I had a conversation with somebody who challenged my legitimacy as an author cuz I’m self published and they wondered if anybody but the hubcap has ever bought my book. Kinda sent me spiraling. I did not leave my house the next day, even called in sick to occupational therapy for my #write hand. After laying around the house all damn day I still couldn’t sleep that night. After scrolling through Facebook like a prayer list as I am won’t to do in the middle of the night, I ended up clicking onto my Amazon Shaken Not Stirred . . . a Chemo Cocktail page and read through every single review sending out mad love and gratitude to all those crazy beautiful souls. I’ve recently realized what a miracle it is to get Amazon reviews at all, since over the years I’ve had various people I’ve personally handed books to in my travels around the country contact me saying they tried to give me a review but Amazon won’t accept it cuz they aren’t a verified purchase since they bought one at an event or outta the trunk of my car. And they always take down any reviews from friends and family. I get that, kinda? but I also don’t. The hubcap & redheads all wrote reviews I thought anybody looking for a cancer memoir would find helpful since they lived through it too. It wasn’t just my story. They weren’t just gushy sweet nothings but thoughtful reviews. But Amazon took them down. Whatever. Back to my point. Bowing down in gratitude. It truly is one of the best ways to love your fave authors.

Speaking of, I have a lot of fave author friends out there. Please feel free to post the links for your books so all my friends can know all know and love all your good books like I do. And please always try to go and leave a kind word for them on Amazon. #fortheloveofbooksandauthors

Couple Pensees, Two Pennies

[My last haiku for my write club’s March Marchness haiku challenge. This has been a total blast and I hope to do it again in June, September, & December to celebrate the seasons this year. We plan to publish an anthology of the best of for each of the seasons this year, and then an anthology of snapshots of 2019 rendered in haiku. Stay tuned for March Marchness the book & also if you would like to take the challenge with us in June. You don’t have to live in Cincy to play along. March Marchness had quite a few from Cincinnati, obvi, cuz that is where I am (and my write club is)  based. But we also had poets from Chicago, New Jersey, St. Louis, & Mississippi.]

Couple Pensees, Two Pennies

I’d bet the farm, the ranch,
My boots, my bottom dollar
On Pascal’s wager.

I’d shoot for the moon–
Why not? Cut the cards. Deal me
In. What have I got

To lose? My 2¢
Oh but darling, what if
The odds are with me?

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The Google Knows

Taran’s Watercolor Birds

Taran’s Watercolor Birds

Used to know a song
‘Bout watercolor ponies
When my kids were small.

Soul Rx

Soul Rx

Music heals. Laughter
Is good medicine. Hope floats.
Jesus loves me. This

Ode to Snail Mail

Ode to Snail Mail

That box isn’t the
Only one smiling, on this
The definition

Of a good mail day.
Letter from a friend, my fave
Band’s newest vinyl,

Birthday cake platter–
Taran’s turning three, proofs for
My poetry book.

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He Makes My Feet Like Hinds Feet



What’s a net really
Worth? So many holes. 2 cents
In my hip pocket.

More where that comes from
In the bank. Does that make me
Filthy rich? Go fish

With that net. I fish.
My hook–metaphorical
My line–my selfie

My sinker–my faith
In happy endings not net
Worthiness or not.

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Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being

Wide open spaces.
People too. Intentional
Kindness. Random too.

Broken bread. Red wine.
Transcendence. Being here now.
Gratitude and Grace

But especially
Mercy. A blank page, blinking
Cursor. Finish lines–

All that bling. Music.
Belly laughs but crying too.
Breathing it in, out.

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