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Real Talk about Self Talk

I’m not one to intentionally stand gazing at myself in a mirror. I don’t exactly avoid them but I don’t seek them out either unless I think there’s a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth or something. Sometimes I’m brushing my teeth and I look up and surprise the hell outta myself when I catch my own eyes watching myself brush my teeth. I am one to talk to myself. All day every day. Since I work from home, alone, it would be a lonely day if I didn’t. Last night I had one extra piece of pizza and one extra glass of wine and this morning I was a little mad at myself and I was saying some not so kind things to myself about my lack of self control. (It’s the practice of mindfulness more than body image that I’m talking about here, but then again, it’s also about the fact that I complain to myself about the blueberry muffin top I’ve accumulated since the operation out damn golf ball and the whole she-bang ectomy I had a couple years ago not to mention turning 50.) But then I happened to catch my countenance in the bathroom mirror as I was heading to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup. It kinda stopped me in my tracks and I actually had a little convo with that girl in the mirror, cutting her a little slack, jack. I think I said something like, “Hey. Why so downcast? I don’t agree with all your choices, but then again, I don’t always agree with all mine either and I get a little beside myself sometimes too. Chin up buttercup. I get you. I got you.” Do you talk to yourself? How’s your self talk? What’s the last thing you said to the person in your mirror? #postcardfromtheloveshackabyyeah #girlinthemirror #selftalk #bekind #bebesideyourself #getyourownback

Dancing With Myself Is One Thing


This dad ROCKS. And so do THESE DADS.
Speaking courage into their little girls hearts, souls, minds, spirits like that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-talk lately. My friend Renee and I were even talking about it the other morning over pancakes. I had blueberry, and she had the most ginormous apple strudel bread pudding of a panCAKE that I have ever seen. To be fair, it didn’t even look like she put a dent in hers by the time we left. I’m sure her family has been eating on it for days. Anyway, Renee’s ginormous apple strudel of a panCAKE isn’t really the point I’m trying to make here. As I was saying, the subject of self-talk came up while she tried to chip away at the aforementioned ginormous apple strudel of a panCAKE… and the thing that occurs to me as I’m sitting here being all amused at the memory of Renee and her ginormous apple strudel of a panCAKE, in the midst of my musing on self-talk, is that the self-talk talk we talked about, had nothing to do with pancakes. Even though we talked about how pancakes don’t help muffin tops. Mine, obvi being blueberry. But I digress. (Or do I?)

I don’t know about you but I know I can be so freaking hard on myself. Especially when I let myself down. Like when I got close to fitting back in my fave jeans but then Thanksgiving happened and now I’m the proverbial 3 steps back. Like I haven’t run since it’s gotten cold outside so that just compounds everything cuz not only do I have to actually get out there in the freaking cold to get my running streak back, but sitting here mad at myself isn’t helping me fit back in my fave jeans. And don’t even get me started about when I actually do something stupid, like I sometimes do. Like we all sometimes do. But I seem to forget all the stupid shit you do cuz #lovecoversamultitude and all that. Except for I forget to apply it to myself. What about you?

When you stand in the mirror, what are the things you hear?

What do you need to hear?

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