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Don’t apologize
For shining too bright — we all
Have sunglasses.

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International Women’s Day

March Marchness. Haiku challenge. Day 8.

International Women’s Day
Girls weekend away…
Ladychurch in the desert
An Oasis. Spring.

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Waning Crescent

[Interestingly, after I penned, or rather chalked, this haiku for Day 2 of March Marchness, I dreamed of eating a cheese pizza with pepperoni & sausage. Although I didn’t just eat a crescent mooned shape piece. Guess my subconscious was on overdrive, putting in overtime, stressing out over my recent cholesterol issues, cuz I woke up with the inside of my cheeks a little raw from clenching them in my teeth, even though I have a mouth-guard that’s supposed to protect them from me working out my stress in my sleep. Stranger than fiction. But I figure that dream can be spun two ways: pizza heaven or hell. All I know is a waning crescent moon slice of pizza sure sounds good to me. So I’m gonna work overtime on that spin.] 

Waning Crescent

I feel you moon. Me
Too. The shadow grows. Glow on
Like the shadow dreams.

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(Ode to 2017)

A haiku. A word.
My #mantra. Lit a candle
Made a wish. Didn’t

Blow out the candle-
Watched it burn bright in the night-
The flickering flame

Of the night, a year.
Final bow. A prayer; blew
A kiss. One. God be

With us. Another
Kiss. Hello new year new day-
Jesus take the wheel.

Help us do justly
And love mercy (which triumphs)
And to walk humbly

With God and us all-
ALL God’s children. All of them
Precious in God’s sight.

Where does peace on earth
And goodwill to all begin?
Once upon a time…

A Refugee. Now
me: rebel with ancient hope-
This force is with me.

It moves me. Whispers
Beloved. Go…do likewise.
Be love. Be a light.

Light the night, the world,
Another’s candle. Like good
Energy. Bring it.

Dear cancer, (an FU haiku)

Dear Cancer

Cancer is stupid;

Port scars: a badge of honor.

But cancer cards…ROCK.

#tbt to that time my goofy mug made it up on the Stupid Cancer FB page! Also to that time my beautiful friend Isis Charisse of The Grace Project took a photo of my port scar tattoo. It’s a copyright symbol because 1) I’m a writer (Check out my first book, SHAKEN NOT STIRRED…A CHEMO COCKTAIL, my cancer memoir. It’s avail on Amazon and Kindle. And stay tuned for my second book, HOMESCHOOL HAPPY HOUR…IT’S 5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE, KIDS! It’s in my chemo brain still, but I’m working on it.) And 2) It’s my badge of honor aka my big damn c (with nods and namaste to Laura Linney and The Big C)

#stupidcancer #cancerisabitch #fuckcancer #leavemyfriendsalone #BigLoveToMySCARand GraceGirls …Especially my SCAR girls@marathonBarbie and @leahwrenstead36 who are both dealing with stupid recurrence.

Click HERE for a link to the Cancer is a Bitch song playing in the background of the slideshow on iTunes. It’s by my Redheads’s band called the Kicked-in Fence. They wrote it for me for my last chemo. It’s the theme song for #ShakenNotStirred.