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The Clocks are Ticking

#81 It’s Friday morning, the house is quiet except for 4 clocks ticking around me, and I’m on my second cup of coffee, gearing up to seize the day. The clocks are laying down a beat and winding me up. Miko Polo is still asleep on the couch, which he is too long for, so he’s curled up, adorably, under Mateo’s Spiderman blanket. I think that book I’ll Love You Forever is a little creepy, so it’s not like I’m going to go rock him now or anything. But I do like that I can hear him breathing in the next room, where he fell asleep watching SNL reruns. On a Thursday, so I guess that makes it TNR (Thursday Night Reruns) instead.

Then Sings My Soul

Things I soverymuchneeded today:

#73 a leisurely lunch with just me and my Miko Polo, come home from his travels

#74 a long (6-mile) walk around the neighborhood

#75 walking on sunshine

#76 without sleeves

#77 to the beat of Gungor’s Beautiful Things

#78 drinking in a few of God’s beautiful things, like pear trees in bloom, along the way

#79 letting a few tears fall. iHope they water things.

#80 napping like a cat