Beauty Mark

[This morning at 8:04 my beautiful friend Vanessa took flight “to be with stars and clouds in the sky” as that hard but beautiful text whispered into my ear when I awoke. All words like that must be whispered because there is never enough air to really say things like that out loud. And such things deserve that quiet kind of reverence. I will write a proper tribute to honor V at the proper time and when I have caught my breath. For now I don’t feel like gasping for air or grasping for words. For now I shall hold my breath and commune with her in that space. For now, here’s all I got.]

V's Wave

I will miss you V.
But I will see you waving
When birds are flying

In V formation.
Soaring sincerely, soaring
Like they do. Like you.


  1. Anne Etges says:

    God bless her as she takes flight to the next place. No more pain. Go with the wind Vanessa. We shall all miss you dearly.

  2. Barb says:

    Julie, you are in my heart- take time to breathe & reflect on V’s shining spirit, her sweet & simple presence, and all she meant to you. May you be blessed with God’s unending peace in this time of loss. Remembering your beautiful friend V, and praying for you, Billy, her sister, & her family too.

  3. Auntie Cheryl says:

    You have a beautiful gift for written and spoken words and for being a loving friend to many. Vanessa and her family have been blessed to count you and Dave in their circle of supporters and friends. Prayers for all of you as you remember V and honor her strength and courage with continuing love.

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