1. Anne Etges says:

    Wow! We are exactly 2 yrs apart. Today is the day 4 yrs ago that I learned of my diagnosis. The Friday before Labor Day Weekend. I’m so happy and blessed to be cancer free 4 yrs later. Still have my house, my boobs, a job, health insurance. Unlike alot of Americans who get cancer and lose their homes, I’m very lucky to still be here. It hasn’t been a happy-go-lucky 4 yrs (throw in a hip replacement) but hey!! I’m still here!! And so are you!!

    We are awesome!!

    love ya

  2. Swoosieque says:

    This is uncanny that I am finding so many women with their “cancerversary” in August. I just had my 1-year bilateral mastectomy anniversary Aug. 13th. I really enjoyed your writing!

    • joulesevans says:

      Thank you Swoosieque! I know, it does seem crazy uncanny, but I too seem to know so many peeps with their cancerversaries this month. Cheers and congrats on yours! Celebrate the crap out of that milestone, sister! And many, many, MANY more!

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