25 Random Things (Sweet ’16 Remix) About Me

  1. I don’t really believe in random.
  2. Still, “random” (or intentional, or whatever the hell you wanna call it just as long as we are talking about) acts of kindness are one of my favorite things in this crazy universe. #kindnessisthebombdotcom #lovebombs #sprinklethatshiteverywhere
  3. I believe that small things (kindnesses) done with great love change the world.
  4. My top 5 fave reads from sweet 16 are: Love Warrior, Rising Strong, Big Magic, My Life on the Road, and Buck.
  5. I love bulletproof coffee. And ginger shots.
  6. I don’t mind going to the movies by myself. Popcorn (with real butter, and sometimes #shakennotstirred with dark chocolate covered raisins) and red wine is one of my fave things. #dinnerofchampions #scandal
  7. I’ve recently found out I am allergic to lemon, tomatoes, cow’s milk, and bananas. I have been trying to get to the bottom of some dizziness I’ve been dealing with ever since the combo of chemo, the “Vespa incident”, and an ear infection I got running the Monumental half marathon in Indy. I’d been wondering if I was allergic to bread and wine, since those are my staples in life. I’d been cutting down on the glutens, cuz they seemed the likely culprit of a migraine trigger and therefore the dizzy, but also the muffin top I’ve gotten since the hysterectomy/oophorectomy/golfballectomy last year. Never even thinking it wasn’t the carrier (pasta and pizza) but the sauce and/or THE CHEESE. OY freaking vey. But thank God I’m not allergic to bread and wine. Cuz that horrified me, thinking I was allergic to my guru Jesus.
  8. Jesus is my guru. My anchor. Keeps my feet on the ground. My balloon. Keeps my head in the clouds. The author and finisher of my life, my story, my faith. Holds me together. Is gravity to me. Is everything to me.
  9. Love is my religion. My main mantra is: Live Sincerely. Be love. Do love. Do-be-do-be-do. (The divine dance.) And leave a beauty mark that I was here. My friend Jen says it best, with one of my fave quotes of hers that I had tattooed on my shoulder: At the end of my life when I ask, one final time: What have I done? Let my answer be: I have done love.
  10. I don’t want to be buried. The thought of being stuck in one place makes me claustrophobic as hell. I’d rather be cremated and for my sweet Redheads to travel the world and scatter me about on their adventures, to keep me and my wanderlust alive and kicking.
  11. “Ride” by 21 Pilots is my current theme song.
  12. When I road-trip, one of my guilty pleasures is Taco Bell’s Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos.
  13. I work with a national body image project called the Grace Project that is all about empowering women to embrace their body image and beauty, post breast cancer. But I’m mad at my own body for the blueberry muffin top effect that has hap’d since my operation out damn golf ball ectomy last year, which has sent ripples throughout my own body image. Which I know, since I’m small, I’m not allowed to complain about. Which is shame on shame.
  14. I’m using My Fitness Pal to help me get back on track, but more importantly, back into my fave blue jeans.
  15. I’m working on a writing workshop based on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland that I hope to beta test in February. My goal will be to create a space for women stepping into a “More Alice” kind groove, to encourage them discover/explore their voice, to hold space for them to speak their truth and share their stories, and to guide them in the art and craft of telling those stories.
  16. I prefer to take the stairs whenever I can. To give my heart good lovin’. But also, cuz once when the Redheads were little, we went to the Eiffel Tower and Mikeyy and I got voted down on taking the stairs to the top. It was still cool, don’t get me wrong, but not taking the stairs has been a regret of mine ever since. When I took him to his YWAM mission trip in Germany after he graduated high school, we flew into Paris to have a little holiday together before he would be gone for a year, and we tried to right that regret…but the stairs were closed due to post 9/11. Not giving up. One of these days those stairs will be mine!
  17. I love lists. I love making lists and crossing things off lists. Post it’s are one of my fave things to make lists on. I have my prayer list on post it’s hanging all over the walls of my prayer/meditation closet. I start every day with filling out a seize the day template of lists I created, which includes some of my fave lists like prayers, intentions, and gratitudes. These lists are one of my superpowers.
  18. When the Redheads were little I used to let them play connect the dots with the freckles on my arm to keep them occupied in doctor office waiting rooms.
  19. I dig our funky little #loveshack baby yeah, and I love the room we rent in #coloradoorbust that is all decked out and themed with my #route66 #roadtrip #art (which, btw, is avail for a superpower good deal whenever we aren’t there), but I HATE BEING COLD and am not a fan of living in cold climates or cultures. One of the things I learned about myself on my Route 66 road trip was that I belong in the Southwest. A Spanish style home. With a courtyard. And a pool out back. With a view of desert mountains, cactuses, and the big blue sky. And a dog named Pancho Sanza to be my sidekick.
  20. Spain is the top destination on my bucket list. A Don Quixote/The Camino Del Santiago/Tempranillo pilgrimage.
  21. When I road-trip I like to take the road less traveled whenever I can. And I break for scenic overlooks. And every #worldslargest #kitchsy #americana #roadsideattraction I can squeeze in along my route. Instagram is my fave “travel app” cuz I use it to create #postcardsfromtheroad. The #kelvin filter is my go to for my social media vibe.
  22. I don’t know if it’s collateral damage from chemo brain and/or the “Vespa Incident” but I travel so much and meet so many people in so many different settings, that when I see somebody in another context, I often panic and go blank on important details LIKE NAMES. This makes me feel like a horrible person.
  23. I’m thinking of saving up for a Pelaton bike to give a spin to my fitness training. Cuz like I said, I hate being cold. And I’m not a fan of running outside when it’s cold. All I wanna do when it’s cold is hibernate. Next to the fireplace. Or go to the desert or the beach. I’m a pretty big baby about this. Ask the hubcap if I don’t tell him how much I hate winter every damn time we go outside every winter. Last winter we joined a fitness club. But our travel schedules made that feel like we were throwing money away. I try and do some yoga/core work/rebounder workouts to keep me from bouncing off the walls during the winter. Last year I did enjoy a little cross-training cuz the club had a pool and I tried to hit it whenever I was in town. And that got me thinking about doing a Tri. And that and my knees got me thinking about cycling. The other piece of exercise equipment I think would be super cool to have one of these days when we move to our Spanish style home in the desert, is one of those rowers the Underwood’s have on #houseofcards.
  24. For my 50th birthday, I got an electric #redguitar. I’m not a guitar player. I barely know how to play. But the movie The Guitar gave me #livesincerely feels so I bought myself a birthday present even though I don’t normally go around buying myself birthday gifts. Sometimes I play it when I’m working on a chapter for my #bucketlist #Route66 #roadtrip #memoir, called Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road? Like cross-training for writers. Since my chapters all have a soundtrack to them, a song from my epic road-trip playlist, I cross-train by trying to learn to play the song that goes with the chapter I’m working on.
  25. I think my next tattoo will be a turtle, above my “Finish the race” tattoo.

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