Hello 2019. (Don’t let the door knock you on your ass like you tried to knock me 2018)

Goodbye Felicia
AKA 2018
–I’m still in the house.

But nice try or three. 
False incoming missile text,
Broken write pinky…

I am the black knight.
“‘Tis but a scratch” and I don’t
Mind bleeding on you.

#postcardfromtheroad #newyears2019 #haiku#becausetheworldneedsmorepoetry

Just a girl and her vision board. The whole fam dam did them together this year, which was the best twist ever not to mention newest holiday tradition. I’m pretty excited about this one/this year. My word for 2019 is focus and this one is the most focused vision board for me to date. Did you do a vision board or choose a word or set intentions for 2019? Share below and I will put your word/intentions on my prayer/meditation wall and we can lift each other up and cheer one another on.

#postcardfromtheloveshackbabyyeah #focus #visionboard #intentions #2019

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