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#102 Hope is a Lottery Ticket I Bought on Good Friday

I have no illusions of who I am.
Where I stand is the only thing I stand
upon-at the foot of a tree, a Lamb
dangling from it, with eyes that see me-and-
See right through me. Right down to my stain-
my guilt-the reason He is exalted there
hanging, naked, like He is wearing my shame-
right there for all the world to gasp-and stare.
Some “joy set before Him” is all I can think
as I set myself before Him…and wish
upon the One who made the stars…and blink
teardrops-mine, mingling with blood-His: swoosh-
as in Nike, and the robe that I have won
casting my sin, my cares, my lot upon the Son.

No Peas in the Pod!

So. Very. Thankful.

#18 my oncologist, Dr. Lower, and all the amazing cancer ass kicking staff of Ohio Hematology Care. Yesterday, I had my 3-month check-up. Everything seems peachy, and although I wait for the blood tests to arrive by snail, no news is good news.

#19 my breast surgeon, Dr. Stahl, and her cancer ass kicking side-kick nurse, Rita. Today, I had my 6-month check up. There were no peas in the pod.

#20 holidays from doctor’s appointments.

#21 lunch with my chemo sis-tahs, Shelly and Julie.

#22 and #23 Two thumbs up and a clean bill of health, for 3 and 6 months, respectively.

Oh How He Loves

#2 Sleeping in. Waking up in a cloud = my bed.

#3 Rainbow Row Coffee brewing in the Evanshire after visiting my sister. (www.charlestoncoffeeexchange.com)

#4 is 4 a 4-mile walk/talk with a good friend.

#5 Brainstorming at the Vineyard Cincinnati Creative Team Meet-up on the third Tuesday of every month.

#6 Project 365 and my Instagram App.

#7 A Giggling Daisy.

What does truth or dare have to do with counting sheep?

I really should be counting sheep right now. It’s not even February 14 anymore, and yet Valentine’s Day and I linger, awake, and waiting on the sun-to come out and play. I could take up and read a book, but there’s a book I read recently that won’t let me go. In one sense it woke me up; in another it won’t let me sleep. Which is what I call a good read.

To me, a good read is a gift and this one is like a thousand gifts. Kind of like a nesting set of boxes. You open one, and there’s another one inside. And another one inside. And another one. And another. And… to the point it feels like there must be a thousand boxes and a thousand gifts. So many to open, ooh and ahh at-so much fun. It would be way too easy to lose count if I didn’t write them all down. Kind of like when I’m counting sheep… sometimes I drift off. So while I lie awake, I thought I’d open the first #1 a dare to count the ways He loves me. This isn’t just any old dare. It’s wrapped up in the truth. Truth or dare? Yes. Please and thank you.