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What does truth or dare have to do with counting sheep?

I really should be counting sheep right now. It’s not even February 14 anymore, and yet Valentine’s Day and I linger, awake, and waiting on the sun-to come out and play. I could take up and read a book, but there’s a book I read recently that won’t let me go. In one sense it woke me up; in another it won’t let me sleep. Which is what I call a good read.

To me, a good read is a gift and this one is like a thousand gifts. Kind of like a nesting set of boxes. You open one, and there’s another one inside. And another one inside. And another one. And another. And… to the point it feels like there must be a thousand boxes and a thousand gifts. So many to open, ooh and ahh at-so much fun. It would be way too easy to lose count if I didn’t write them all down. Kind of like when I’m counting sheep… sometimes I drift off. So while I lie awake, I thought I’d open the first #1 a dare to count the ways He loves me. This isn’t just any old dare. It’s wrapped up in the truth. Truth or dare? Yes. Please and thank you.