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Couple Pensees, Two Pennies

[My last haiku for my write club’s March Marchness haiku challenge. This has been a total blast and I hope to do it again in June, September, & December to celebrate the seasons this year. We plan to publish an anthology of the best of for each of the seasons this year, and then an anthology of snapshots of 2019 rendered in haiku. Stay tuned for March Marchness the book & also if you would like to take the challenge with us in June. You don’t have to live in Cincy to play along. March Marchness had quite a few from Cincinnati, obvi, cuz that is where I am (and my write club is)  based. But we also had poets from Chicago, New Jersey, St. Louis, & Mississippi.]

Couple Pensees, Two Pennies

I’d bet the farm, the ranch,
My boots, my bottom dollar
On Pascal’s wager.

I’d shoot for the moon–
Why not? Cut the cards. Deal me
In. What have I got

To lose? My 2¢
Oh but darling, what if
The odds are with me?

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