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Traveling Mercies

#83 I super heart traveling.

#84 Marriott rewards.

#85 A room with a view of the canal, downtown Indy. The cutest little big city around.

#86 Catching up with old friends.

#87 Sleeping with the windows open, listening to rain fall outside.

#88 That I won’t need the sunscreen I forgot to pack, tomorrow at the Indy Race for the Cure.

#89 I like being part of something bigger, doing something that matters, getting up on a Saturday morning for a reason, running for a good cause, the communion of survivors.

My Indy Race For The Cure T-Shirt

#90 I like writing all cancer siblings’ names on my shirt and taking a walk with/for them.

#91 I like waking up in the middle of the night to pray and count gifts.

#92 Listening to trains in the middle of the night. It reminds me of Europe. I really liked feeling so connected to everywhere over there.

#93 Hearing planes overhead encourages my imagination to take-off.

#94 Noticing the rain has stopped and birds have begun singing.

#95 Fresh air after the rain.

#96 Going back to sleep to a lullaby the birds are singing.

#97 Outliving pink SURVIVOR bracelets that I hope to replenish and stock up on tomorrow;)